Naomi Hodak Sherer

Born in a rustic farmhouse in the "land of ten thousand lakes", Naomi grew up far from modern amenities. She spent two years in college then married and raised five children. Later she worked as a graphic artist before joining the writing/editing department of a contract research firm. For fifteen years she worked with diverse groups editing and coordinating research reports in chemistry and environmental science.

Her husband, Ronald, died in 1988 leaving her at loose ends. Having travelled little outside the USA, she began to explore Europe and other continents. Her first major trip on her own was an Elderhostel excursion to Nepal under the direction of The Folkways Institute. Several days were spent in Kathmandu to visit palaces, shrines, shops and typical sherpa homes. The group flew to Lukla and trekked for eleven days up near the base camp used by hikers going up Mount Everest. They camped in tents usually near a village each night. Several days were spent in Namche Bazar and Sagamantha National Park. During the night near the first school established by Sir Edmond Hillary, twelve inches of snow fell covering the trail. We danced and sang with the Sherpas for two days until the snow melted.

Days with the gentle Sherpa peoples in this harsh land inspired THE FRACTURED STONE..