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No Rest for the Wicked


If you're like me, you remember the book of Grimm's Fairie Tales that your parents read to you from a long time ago. We always go back to the old stories. Maybe it's like visiting home, remembering the familiar. Maybe, it's because the old stories still have things to say.

Enter No Rest for the Wicked, this month's featured web comic. It has a princess named November (the princess with the pea problem) meeting up with an undead Little Red and a certain smooth talking cat; who is on a quest to dig up the moon. There is a curse dealing with toads and other trouble along the way. But, to add to it all, there is no way for Princess November to convince people she's royal.

Of course, if you took all of the references, threw them in a blender, tossed in a bunch of jokes written by committee, you'd have "Shrek". "Shrek" may get a giggle or two, but give me one person who is telling me the story. No committee would approve the appearance of The Girl Without Hands. Just a bit too Grimm

Empty Words

In principle, you could come along at any point and read a web comic and get the whole story. Still, I like to get them while they're live - still updating, new pages being put up, the story being told. It can be a patience tester, though. Four-panel comics (like Sluggy Freelance) update daily or a couple times a week. Page-format comics - like Empty Words - usually take a week for a page. Throw in the fact that web comic artists usually have work or school and other bits of life delaying the finishing of a page and you can have long waits in store.

I featured this comic a while back and lost track of it, But it is still live - and a good time to read it.
Empty Words starts and ends with the motives of the two key characters: Audrey, a nurse's aid who wants to blow the whistle on lax procedures at a nursing home; and Greg, a freelance feature writer who put his grandfather in that same home after his parents die. The artist makes clear the characters' motives from the very beginning, but as we learn more about the characters; the meaning of the motives change.
This is the kind of web comic that in depth of storytelling, is comparable to a TV show or a movie. A simple, sincere story told in a straight-forward manner. Get it while it's still live.


A Short Ghost Story

A group of kids dally on the way to practice near an abandoned building. They shouldn't have wandered in, but they did. Bad things can't happen in daylight close to familiar things, but they do. Angry spirits cannot rest because they do not wish to rest.

One of the most common styles on-line is Manga, a comic book art style from Japan. Even if you're not a comics fan, you may be familiar with it from Anime - Japanese animation. Look for comics on-line and you will find an abundance of big eyes, small mouths, and lithe bodies. Most on-line Manga exaggerates the style to ridiculous charicature.

Not so this story. Here, the art is naturalistic without ignoring Manga conventions. The plot is direct and focused. The story builds suspense, pays off, and moves on.

As a stand-alone piece, it lacks the long term character growth and plot development of most of my Cool Web Comics. What if offers, though, is attractive art and honest story telling.

Earlier Featured Web Comics


Help Desk Adventures of a bunch of people working for a soulless corporation run by a demonic wraith wearing ugly glasses. Our heroes in tech support help hapless callers with "Uberboft's Nifty Doorways" and other products, including a happy, helpful paper clip

Intershadows A comic about people and how they touch each other and leave emotional fingerprints and scars. Characters are brought together by terrible events and simple coincidence. No two people who meet in Intershadows will ever be completely separated.

Cool Web Comics - Continuing Stories

Sluggy Freelance

Live the Niftiness! The coolest uber-hip on-line comic strip experience! Just go read it.

El Goonish Shive

It's like Sluggy Freelance, but furrier.

Zebra Girl

It's like Sluggy Freelance, but furrier and with more demony goodness!

File 49

Secret government experiment in psychic powers. Cover up. Conspiracy.

Cool Web Comics - Hard-boiled

Odd Jobs

Comic strip noir. David gets odd jobs. He gets pulled into murders. Minimalist detective fiction. Think Dashiell Hammett in India Ink.

Athena Voltaire

As we approach World War II, adventurer and aviatrix Athena Voltaire fights evil forces and Nazis with thick accents. Everyone has very square jaws.

Femme Noir

If you go out at night in Port Nocturne you're likely to be mugged, kidnapped, or pursued by undead thugs. Of course, Femme Noir - P.I. - will be there to do battle with the punks and hoods who wash up in town like dead fish that wash up on the beach. Guns - check. Fedora - check. Piles of blond hair - check. Trench coat - check. Calm in the face of death and danger - check.

Cool Web Comics - Set in High School

Demonology 101

Raven is a demon, brought up by a human and determined not to be evil. She also has some mysterious parentage that I haven't quite figured out yet. And she comes with two teenage pals and they all go to high school. Yeah, the high school stuff is the scariest.


Straight high school soap strip, set in Canada. With dryer sheets. One of the best Internet comics ever. A peer for Sluggy Freelance. Officially on indefinite hiatus. For most comics, this is the time to move on, but I'll follow this comic 'till the last dog dies.

Venus Envy

She's a transsexual trying to get by in high school. Her mother blames herself. Her father is getting over it. Her brother is pissed off at all the trouble in she's caused. Can open, worms everywhere! Come and be one of the Monkeys!

Cool Web Comics - Gag of the Day

Badly Drawn Kitties

A little juvenile, but it has a sense of humor. Cats making raunchy sex jokes. Don't read this comic if you are offended by, well, anything.


Adventures of an imaginative young girl and her more grounded friends. Sort of Calvin and Hobbes for the new millennium.


Too famous for me to spend time describing. I just wish Scott Adams would let a story run more than four strips. Of course, that would present the danger of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and we can't have that, can we?


With story lines going back 30 years, I'm in story-line heaven. Actually, I get a little irritated when he breaks away from the character stuff to make fun of politics.

Cool Web Comics - Suggestions?

These are the comics I think are cool. I'll be adding to the list from time to time, but nothing gets on here that I don't actually read on a regular basis. If you want to suggest your favorite web comic, contact me, but I'm not adding anything to the list that I don't enjoy.

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